BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. Video on restored Old North Road Station


Yesterday, the early morning sunshine, that is Dotty McLeod and the Breakfast crew of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, looked at railways past and future in our region. As part of the program there was a great historical video by Radio Cambridgeshire made by Producer Heather Noble. It is on the Old North Road Station near Longstowe, its history and loving restoration.


Click on image or on the following link to view:


You can listen to Dotty’s program here until 20th February.


There were items at around 25 mins, 1h 17 mins, 1h 38 mins, 1h 53 mins, 2h 21 mins, 2h 49 mins, 2h 54 mins.


These are historic memories within current lifetimes. It would be a shame if they were not made available permanently, say on the Cambridgeshire Archive or the Internet Archive!


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