Caldecote School Sports Day – 1964

We have Julie Day and her cousin John Hagger to thank for this contribution on The Caldecote School Sports Day in 1964.


caldecote sports day 1964

Caldecote sports day 1964

caldecote sports day 1964 - identifying names

Key: 1. Mr J. Davies, Headmaster. 2. Mrs Tatum. 3. Ann Gill. 4. Clive Swindells. 5. Susan Akeilan. 6. Ursula Klimke. 7. Patrick Rowell. 8. Vera Akeilan. 9. Anna Malig. 10. Lesley Perry. 11. John Malig. 12. Grace Smith. 13. Peter Willis. 14. Marilyn Stevens. 15. Peter Desborough. 16. Krystyna Sutkowski. 17. Jill Clements. 18. Herbert Klimke. 19. Richard Bartram. 20. Margaret Richmond. 21. Nicky Stevens. 22. Tim Sewell. 23. Andrew Sutkowski. 24. Chris Horsnell.

Here we have a photograph taken at the Inter – School Summer Sports Day in 1964, which took place at Coton, rather than here in Caldecote.


It shows the class of 1964 with their teachers. Together with this super photograph, John Hagger has provided us with a numbered silhouette and he has been able to put a name to all the people in the photo.


John says he cannot remember whether he, or his brother Les, took the photo, but he is sure it was taken on his brother’s camera.


Do you recognise yourself in this photo? Do you have any memories of Caldecote School Sports Days? Please get in touch and let us know if you do.


And thanks again to Julie and John.



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