Clare College Archives

A member of the History Group spent an absorbing day with Robert Athol the Archivist at Clare College. 
We delved into the wealth of material concerning land ownership reaching back to 15th century.
 There are wonderful documents with seals plus maps of the old village etc.
Now we know where the developers got their information for the new road names in the village.
We have collected a sample of the documents to be used in the pictorial archive the group are building.
Want to know more contact the group.

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coming soon

Look out for our new web site coming out soon…… details shortly

We are also compiling a DVD archive of research material found whilst developing the Book of Caldecote for those buffs who need more historical detail.

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The Book of Caldecote

Caldecote Cambs. are at planning stage for village history book. With some excellent help from Chris Thomas of Milton Contact Ltd.we have kick-started our path to publishing. We are meeting on a more regular basis to prepare for publication the wealth of material gathered over recent years by CLHG members.
Now we need sponsorship local/other to organise our first print run.
Do you have any experience of finding funding? We would like to hear from you. Any tips?
Live in the village ? Share your memories with us.

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