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Access Cambridge Archaeology – opportunities for children to have hands on experience of real archaeology

BBC History for Kids website – a great introduction to all the major history topics

Cambridge University History Department – schools outreach projects

Cambridgeshire Archaeology – outreach projects, activities and ideas for schools

Cambridgeshire Archives

Clare College – the college has long-established links with Caldecote, and its archive holds many key village documents.  The Dean of the college has suggested that he would be willing to come to visit the school to talk about these links, and to introduce Samuel Blythe, former Master of Clare and landowner in Caldecote (of Blythe Way and Blythe House fame).

Fitzwilliam Museum – collection of art and historical objects from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome through to the present day (taught sessions available on Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Tudors and Victorian Art)

Friends of Caldecote Church

Imperial War Museum: Duxford  (taught sessions available on Remembrance, toys and games, transport and World War II)

Kentwell Hall – living history recreation of Tudor England

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology – man-made objects from all over the world from a wide range of historical periods.  Some archaeological material is of particular local interest.

Museum of Classical Archaeology – collection of casts of Ancient Greek statues (taught sessions available on Greek myths and art)

The Museum of Cambridge (Formerly Cambridge and County Folk Museum) – collection of social history objects with local relevance (taught sessions available on Nursery Rhymes, Toys, Homes in the Past, The Seaside,  The Great Fire of London, Florence Nightingale, Victorians, WWII, 1960s)  Loan boxes of objects are also available

National Archives

Oliver Cromwell Website and Museum

Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon Royal burial site

Tudor Feast – TV programme describing all aspects of Tudor food and drink

Wartime Farm – agricultural life during WWII

Whipple Museum of the History of Science

West Stow Anglo-Saxon village and archaeological site

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